Where Does Consciousness Go When Humans Die?

Is there an afterlife? Ah, the philosophical questions of existence and demise, and honorable subject matter that maximum wish no longer to ponder. Still, Greek Philosophers had pondered the five-maximum critical questions asked by means of men, and one in all them of path is; "what takes place to me once I die?" Well, wouldn’t you like to recognize, I say with a grin? Interesting how others with spiritual connotations try to solution this query for us, and allow us eternal existence if we submit to their authority. Well, a few think this is a superb exchange off, despite the fact that I ought to admit I am not one among them.

Okay so, where does the attention pass whilst we die? Good query, however who says it goes anywhere, and the way do you define death? Consciousness my pass on inside the mind after dying but in a one-of-a-kind way. Many agree with that recognition leaves the body with the soul. In reality, principal religions have this belief.

Now then, whilst a human terminates, it’s now not definitely "dead" because the bodies micro organism begins eating itself, for this reason, the biodome continues to be operating, just now not running collectively anymore – during this era things are happening, energy is being created and fed on, perhaps neurons are getting energy from the pastime round them, it would not take a good deal strength to fire a small single set of neurons or shoot that strength across to some other, each flicker bringing a reminiscence, however nowhere to manner it. Those recollections slowly dissolve of course in conjunction with the decomposing method.

Does the focus move?

All the ones trickle fees on the nano-scale are doing something, what? Who is to say that the awareness isn’t "linked" to the whole of the universe, and as a consequence with out time? Meaning once you’ve lived once you’ve lived in all time, on the grounds that time is localized but would not really exist, exceedingly speaking. I suggest examine the insane stuff we are studying from quantum physics?

Besides the Universe probable looks like the observations on the nano-scale of items like molecules and atoms, even debris which make up those inner running – which is also a a laugh topic to think about. Someday we will keep statistics through manipulating the spin of electrons around the nucleus of an atom. That takes Moore’s Law to an entire new degree would not it? Although not non secular in even a remote sense, I’d positive want to discern all of it out myself.

Regardless of the truth of all this; a few day we are able to create it for ourselves, this is if we haven’t already, and aren’t presently dwelling in it – the VR video game simulation. Yes, extra questions than answers, and indeed, I’ve rambled lengthy enough right here today, however I’ve truly given you something to reflect onconsideration on.

Christian Stewart

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