God’s Existence: Bob Dutko’s Proofs Refuted

Radio host and Christian Apologist Bob Dutko has given ten proofs for God’s lifestyles, which is five more than expert truth seeker and theologian William Lane Craig gave!

But to illustrate in which Dutko is living, and it cannot be on Planet Earth, Dutko not handiest believes that Christianity is the "Only True Religion" and consequently religions like Islam, Mormonism and the Jehovah’s Witnesses are fake religions; but is anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality; believes lifestyles simply can not spring from a nation of non-lifestyles; that organic evolution is not possible and that – anticipate it – dinosaurs co-existed with human beings and had been gift and accounted for on Noah’s Ark! What’s worrying is that masses of people take him significantly.

So here are Dutko’s ten arguments for God and my rebuttal to them.

One: The First Law of Thermodynamics: Energy Can Neither Be Created or Destroyed

Since strength, as a result additionally count, can neither be created nor destroyed, how did the Universe come into lifestyles? Since the Universe had a starting, matter / power had to had been created out of not anything, in violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics. The only viable organization that might do that could have to be God on account that both God created the Universe out of not anything otherwise the Universe created itself and of course something cannot create its own lifestyles* so therefore God did it. Alas for that state of affairs, there is a third alternative. If remember / strength can neither be created nor destroyed, then be counted / energy has always existed and therefore there has been a before the (our) Universe which we can name the broader Cosmos. If the Cosmos has continually existed – of which our Universe is now presently a part of – then quite glaringly there may be no want for a creator God.

There’s additionally some other line of reasoning why Dutko’s scenario is totally absurd. Dutko insists that due to the fact God created the laws, relationships and standards of physics – just like the First Law of Thermodynamics – God can ruin His created legal guidelines, relationships and concepts of physics and as a result God can break the First Law of Thermodynamics and create something (i.E. – the Universe) out of absolute nothing. Take that kind of logic to its ultimate conclusion. If God can break the very physical laws that he created (i.E. – God can create some thing from nothing) then God can spoil the very framework of common sense that He need to have additionally created. Thus, it is logical that God can create a square circle!

*Since God Himself could not create Himself consequently God has had an infinite existence. But if that’s the case, why not just postulate that the Cosmos** has had an endless life and keep away from the unnecessary causal step.

**The Cosmos has continually existed even though our Universe had a finite beginning inside that large context, within the identical manner that you had a beginning albeit inside the large context of an basic human populace that preceded you. The Universe turned into born of the Cosmos just like you had been born from that wider fact which preceded you.

Two: The Second Law of Thermodynamics: Entropy: Order Into Chaos

If, in order to circumnavigate the First Law of Thermodynamics, one postulates a Universe which has continually existed, properly Dutko has an answer for that – the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Given the concept of entropy* – order into chaos as time is going by – an infinitely vintage Universe ought to be in a nation of most chaos or maximum entropy and clearly this isn’t always the case. Why? You guessed it – God!

As time proceeds from beyond to present to destiny, the overall order within the Universe ought to decrease and chaos must increase. The Universe must get messier as time is going by means of, much like a youngster’s bedroom. However, the Universe seems to be properly ordered. Why? God done it and continues to do it.

Alas for Mr. Dutko, there are plenty and lots of loopholes here which do away with God from the Big Picture. Although pure possibility needs that entropy or ailment will increase over the years, there’s no requirement that pockets of order could not arise simply by way of natural statistical danger. Shuffle a deck of cards enough times and from time to time you’ll randomly get a pocket of order, like every four Aces cheek-by way of-jowl. Further, there are 3 concepts which acts towards entropy. The first is gravity which pulls matters together and this consequences in increasing order. The 2d is temperature. Heat tends to make count number extra disorderly; cold operates in the opposite. So, steam is more disordered than water and water is in a kingdom of extra disorder than that of ice. The Universe maintains getting chillier because it expands. The Universe started out off truly warm, however then matters cooled down and gravity did its element. Finally, chemistry can operate in opposition to increasing ailment considering the fact that numerous chemicals have extra affinity for some chemical substances than for different chemical substances. A uniform mixture of hydrogen and oxygen atoms is at most entropy, but that combination can defy entropy and chemically combine. A uniform country of water molecules is greater ordered than the uniform state of the mix of man or woman hydrogen and oxygen atoms, and when that uniform kingdom of water molecules cools, order increases and entropy would not boom. We don’t want God to explain the kingdom of relative order and disease within the Universe.

What Dutko is getting burdened right here is that he is assuming for the sake of his argument that the (our) Universe is finite and infinitely vintage and is the be-all-and-cease-all of stuff. If that have been the case then entropy could be at a maximum (even though opportunity could nonetheless dictate random wallet of decrease entropy here and there) which again is definitely not the case as Dutko factors out. So our Universe cannot be infinitely antique no matter the First Law of Thermodynamics and consequently it had a starting and consequently God did it.

However, IMHO, our Universe is simply a part of the infinitely large Cosmos wherein arise lots of Big Crunches and masses of Big Bangs, the transition of 1 into the opposite restores that a part of the Cosmos returned to manufacturing facility settings, like low entropy. But can Big Crunches and resulting Big Bangs cross on forever? Yes. You see Dutko is forgetting approximately the strength of gravity to influence and disrupt any uniformly even distribution of stuff (the kingdom of most entropy). Even in an endless Cosmos at most entropy, gravity would still perform drawing together clumps of count number finally resulting in a localised Big Crunch with an instantaneous phase transition into a Big Bang and a resurrection again to a kingdom of low entropy in that specific place of the infinite Cosmos. No need for God.

*A country of maximum entropy basically is a uniform distribution of count number in random motion and as a result at an average average temperature constant with that ordinary random motion. If you positioned a warm water bottle into a cold closed container, heat will leak from the bottle and transfer its power to the air molecules within the box accordingly dashing up the average movement of those molecules. The water molecules in the hot water bottle settle down and as a consequence slow down. At most entropy the motion (temperature) within the water bottle equals the motion (temperature) within the rest of the whole box. Now some things aren’t difficulty to entropy. These are gravity, magnetism, electric rate, spin and related. These traits do now not disperse equally at some point of the box however stay focused in some thing supply has been positioned inside the container – like a magnet. Further, they may continue to be focused inside their supply for all eternity. They are the gifts that keep on giving, and giving and giving.

Three: The Origin of Life: Life Cannot Come from Non-Life

As to the beginning of life, this is a transition – lifestyles from non-lifestyles – this is still unexplained. But something presently unexplained doesn’t of necessity translate into for all time and ever unexplained. The history of science is full of multi-thousands of events as soon as unexplained that are now taught as completely defined to even primary children.

Once upon a time it became mounted ‘truth’ which you couldn’t generate organic compounds from inorganic compounds. Then urea turned into synthesised. Highly complicated natural chemistry, chemistry element and parcel of the lifestyles tactics, has now been mechanically synthesised underneath what we trust have been herbal conditions. There isn’t any biochemical or natural chemical contained within residing systems whose chemical pathway cannot be traced back to the rules and basics of inorganic chemistry. Against all expectations, pretty complex organic molecules had been located in interstellar space.

If you are taking the tremendous amount of real property that the cosmos offers itself has having, coupled with the ones maximum ample of factors within the cosmos, elements that just show up to form the spine of existence (hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen), coupled with billions upon billions of years for reactions to occur in, coupled with the idea of panspermia, properly I accept as true with a natural reason behind the origin of existence is manner extra a practical explanation than a theological one. Just saying "God did it" is simply too clean an answer, and a solution that in and of itself hasn’t been proven as hooked up truth. That God created life is as a lot a principle or a hypothesis as is abiogenesis, best the latter is problem to scientific investigation / experimentation. The God speculation isn’t falsifiable.

We won’t have THE answer to the beginning of existence in our lifetime, but perhaps in a 100 years, one thousand years, any college child is probably capable of create existence in a test-tube as part of their biology class. Once the solution is in reality recognized, it will possibly seem apparent.

Four: Alternatives to God and the Burden of Proof: Explaining Life, the Universe and Everything

Two points here. Firstly, there are hundreds of different religions, theologies and deities that each one way of societies and cultures have anticipated as explaining lifestyles, the Universe and everything. Collectively, this is one heck of a lot of options. God is truely pretty a overdue-comer and so you’ll find God towards the back of the explanatory line.

Further, technology itself has achieved a marvellous task of coming to phrases with explaining lifestyles, the Universe and the whole thing especially thinking about how younger the sphere of what we might time period ‘current’ science really is. Now it really is not to say there aren’t unknowns but to be explained and competing thoughts in some regions yet to be resolved, but then too Rome wasn’t constructed in a day.

As to the weight of proof, the proof of any pudding lies with the individual or employer or institution that claims some thing is so, as in God exists. There is no burden of proof on every body claiming that some thing is not so. In fact it’s miles not possible to show the bad. So the weight of proof that God exists lies with Bob Dutko, and from his ten examples of ‘evidence’ given right here, he fails miserably.

Five: Logic, Commonsense

Christian Stewart

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