A Dozen Reasons To Question Christianity’s Bona-Fides

Christians, True Believers every body (nicely most anyway) accept as true with that Christianity is the be-all-and-give up-all of theology – the one and simplest one proper faith. True Believers belonging to masses of different religions would of direction take issue with that Christian point of view. They have suitable cause to accomplish that.

One: You don’t agree with in Zeus and thousands of other as soon as up-the front-and-centre deities. I do not trust in God and hundreds of different as soon as up-front-and-centre deities (together with Zeus). The actual proof (or lack thereof) for both, and the ideas involved, are genuinely exactly the same.

Two: Had you been born 10,000 years ago you’d be making a song the praises as a satisfied True Believer in one or more of those thousands of other once up-front-and-centre deities. You’d of never heard of Yahweh or Jesus or Allah or Mohammad. This strongly suggests that those deities have been a distinctly latest mythological invention by means of people, for people.

Three: As noted above, at some point of recorded records, even up through and including the present, there have been heaps of other once at the same time one-of-a-kind up-the front-and-centre non secular deities, in addition to presently being but nonetheless together extraordinary up-the front-and-centre non secular deities. The question obviously arises, why is your one faith and your one deity (assuming you’re a monotheist) the be-all-and-quit-all of absolute reality? You were given competition my buddy!

Four: There is not any evidence or even proof for any monotheistic deity’s life. If there was then no debate on the query would need to be entered into since we’d all be unified as True Believers in that one be-all-and-give up-all of absolute theological reality.

Five: One cannot argue the life of God (especially) from morality on account that God (of the Old Testament) is the maximum immoral being ever conceived of in any current literature. "God" and the phrase "love" or "mercy" or "compassion" just cannot be used inside the identical sentence.

Six: There’s no want to postulate the existence of God in an effort to explain the existence of lifestyles, the Universe and everything because the existence of existence, the Universe and the whole thing can be without problems accounted for with out resorting to any involvement by a supernatural deity.

Seven A: There’s no unbiased historical or archaeological proof that any of the primary Biblical activities ever took place, just like the Flood or the Exodus or the Battle of Jericho. Further, there may be no impartial ancient or archaeological proof that any of the main Biblical characters ever existed, like Abraham or Noah or Moses or Joshua or Jonah. To pinnacle things all off, the Bible is sincerely complete of inconsistencies, contradictions and other logical nonsense.

Seven B: Speaking of the Bible, you can not take any credence in any Biblical character’s quotations / sayings because there is no proof that anyone was taking dictation down in actual time; on the spot; at the same time as it changed into being spoken. You’d be aware that no person has discovered the celestial coordinates of Heaven or the terrestrial coordinates of Hell. Jericho changed into already an uninhabited city in ruins at the time of the alleged warfare. The birthplace and tomb of Jesus are most effective alleged, now not set up truth. No one has located the Garden of Eden (despite many searches), ditto for Sodom

Christian Stewart

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